Trumpington's History

Unser HausschildGet in contact with me - let explain the necessary grooming for your terrier. I like to advise you.

I am able to groom your Cairn, Westie, Scottish, Norfolk, Norwich or Border Terrier. Other breeds on request.

Use my Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fenstercontact form. Unfortunately I am not able to speak english but I have friends supporting me.

I want to use this opportunity to thank all the breeders who sold puppies to me and who supported me with their knowledge.

That's the way how I found my love to the Cairn Terriers and I hope that many happy "Trumpington's" Cairn Terrier puppy will find his new, happy master.


Unser Haus

Today we live in my own house with a big backyard at Ramsen (SH), in a rural environment. Everything is prepared to hold the Cairn Terriers. My approx. seven dogs live in the house and the puppies are grown up integrated in the family.


Thank to my super great relationships to my friends I am able to have dogs with them in their families. This dogs are available for me to breed.

Therefore I have five studdogs who are available for my and other bitches who fit the requirements. Furthermore I have six bitches who have their breed approval who belong to me with families.

Again I want to use the oppurtunity to thank all my friends for their loyality and trust. Without them I would not come to what I have now. Thanks.